Alexander Technique

What are the benefits?

The benefits can be far reaching provided there is a willingness to learn and to be open to choices. Whatever your age or physical condition the Alexander Technique can help:

  • Free joints and muscles from pain and tension.
  • Improve breathing and/or voice problems.
  • Gain more vitality.
  • Improve performance in your chosen sport/skill.
  • Enhance learning and concentration.
  • Regain poise and confidence.

It's not what you do ...

... its the way that you do it!

The Alexander Technique looks at how you do whatever it is that you do.

That awareness can help you to learn to deal with things that take less out of you, leaving more energy for the things you enjoy. Many poor health conditions are not an inevitable part of growing older, they are often related to how we use ourselves.

Unconscious habits of slumping, stooping or holding ourselves upright are often the cause of aches and pains or poor functioning of internal organs.

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Learning the Alexander Technique

A guided learning process

The technique is a learning process rather than a form of treatment. Usually taught in individual lessons, your teacher uses the gentle guidance of her hands to help you restore your postural reflexes and natural tone.

Learn new ways of doing everyday activities

A lesson involves the release of over-tight muscles while at rest, and observing yourself in everyday activities, ie. Moving in and out of a chair, walking, and using your voice. In this way you are made aware of your body use and begin to learn new ways of sitting, standing and moving.

You have the opportunity to be active in the process of learning to use thought to affect muscle activity. The teacher encourages you to ask questions and apply the Technique to your life

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Anita Grey (B.ED. MSTAT Cert. NLP)

Anita Grey is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique.

(Member Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) with 20 years' experience in the field of Education and Personal Development.


Next Steps

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